Here, you will find a growing source of information to help you better understand Visual Stress and the impact it has on our community.  The more people are educated on the condition, the more people will be helped. 

Education material will be developed and presented in the form of blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts and both live virtual and recorded webinars and workshops. When possible, we will resume live training sessions.

Raise awareness of Visual Stress by sharing these resources and providing your feedback. The information is important to health care professionals, educators, employers, patients or anyone who suffers from or works with those who suffer from the symptoms of the condition. As we develop new content over the coming year, we will also be working with healthcare and education colleges to get the courses qualified as Continued Education Credits. 


We welcome any ideas you may have to help us build our education and training programs to best meet your needs.


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Thumb Nail - Brain Injury and The Virtua

Links and information referenced in the "Brain Injury and The Virtual World" Video:

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Zoom fatigue is taxing the brain. Here is why that happens. - National Geographic:

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Eye Health Library - Canadian Association of Optometrists


The 20-20-20 Rule - Canadian Association of Optometrists


Ergonomics checklist - Health Canada and others


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Hypersensitivity of the Visual Cortex - US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health


Pattern glare: the effects of contrast and colour  - Frontier in Psychology

Pattern glare - Optician


Images of Nature study article - Science alert


Autonomic Nervous System Responses to Viewing Green and Built Settings: Differentiating Between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Activity -  US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

The Influence of Visual Triggers on Symptoms in Brain Injury and Concussion - Brain Injury Canada

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fMRI evidence that precision ophthalmic tints reduce cortical hyperactivation in migraine - National Institutes of Health

20 years of intuitive colorimetry - Optometry Today


Tint & Track Software  - Opticalm Visual Stress Solutions


Apple iOS 10 Color Filter App - IOS Hacker


Fonts and Visual Stress: The Influence of Typography on Algorithms That Predict the Speed and Comfort of Reading -  Research Gate

Non LCD Screens for Concussion - Journal of Neurotrauma


Fluorescent light: Visual discomfort indoors - Sage journals


Fluorescent light: Lighting and discomfort in the classroom - Semantic Scholar

Colour Changing bulbs - Opticalm Visual Stress Solutions


This is your brain on nature - National Geographic


Physiological Benefits of Nature - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


The Future of Wellness 2020 - Global Wellness Institute

Prescribing Nature  - Nature Conservancy Canada

Brain on Nature Podcast- Brain on Nature 

Other resources:

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